Build Season Meals

2020 Build Season Sign Up Genius can be viewed here: 2020 Meal Sign Up Schedule

2020 Build Season Meal Coordinators: Deborah Lawton and TBD

Why are we preparing meals for the team?

During the annual 6 week Robot Build Season (January/February), RAMP parents provide meals for the team members on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. We provide meals to the team members so they may concentrate on the task at hand: building the robot and preparing for the competitions.

If you are unable to volunteer to make an entire meal, the team members can always use drinks and snacks at STS. Any donations are welcome.

Please step up and help our dedicated and energetic Team 303 members.

How can I volunteer to make a meal?

The meal volunteer list for the Team 303 2020 Build Season can be viewed here: 2020 Meal Sign Up Schedule

If your schedule changes and you are unable to prepare a meal on the day you volunteered for, please attempt to switch dates with another parent or contact the meal coordinators (Deborah Lawton or TBD) if this is not possible and we will attempt to find another family to fill your time slot.

Meal Preparation Details

When: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings during build season (January & February), deliver by 6:00pm unless an alternate time has been requested. Please stay for about 15 minutes to help set up the tables (put the table cloths on, put the paper good out etc....)

Where: STS warehouse in Bridgewater (Travel to Main Street in Bridgewater, when the Patriot's Ballpark is on your right, travel one street further to the East of the Patriot's Ballpark (STS Drive) and make a right-hand turn (before you go under Rt 287.) Go over the railroad tracks and make a right-hand turn. After the driveway bends to the left, the building will be on your left, you will see a single door on the building. This is the access to the Team 303 Build Site.)

What: 3 meals per night (1 must be vegetarian), each meal should feed 30 people. You may wish to transport your meal donation in aluminum trays which are disposable.

Meal Suggestions: Macaroni & Cheese, Hot Dogs/Buns, Chicken Tenders, Ziti, Pasta with Various Sauces (no veggies in pasta), Meatballs, Tacos, Sub Sandwiches, etc... Easy meals, please keep it simple!

Pizza Sponsors: Don't have time to cook but still want to help with a meal, sign up to be a pizza sponsor! Monday & Wednesday nights will be pizza night. You can sign up to sponsor pizzas for the team here: 2020 Meal Sign Up Schedule.