RAMP Membership

RAMP Membership Form

Who can join RAMP?

Any parent or guardian of a current team member is eligible to join Team 303 RAMP. Our goal is 100% membership, so please join us by submitting the RAMP Membership Form either by mail or at the next RAMP meeting.

How much does it cost to join RAMP?

RAMP Membership dues are $10 per family and are collected annually.

Why should I join ramp?

Collecting membership dues is the first small fundraiser that RAMP participes in for the year. When you sign up for RAMP, you will provide us with the e-mail addresses that you would like to use to receive communications from RAMP. RAMP will periodically send out e-mail communications detailing robotics events, fundraisers, team travel plans, meeting information, etc.

How do I join RAMP?

Please join RAMP to show your support for Team 303 by filling out the RAMP Membership Form and sending it with your $10 donation to the address printed on the form. You can also bring the form to any RAMP meeting or give it to any RAMP board member.